National Aboriginal Professional Artist Training (NAPAT)

NAPAT provides Professional Artists with mentorships and creation space

NAPAT Alumni, Devin Armstrong

This two year certificate program includes storytelling, performance arts, media arts, painting, sculpture, and installation art. The focus of the National Aboriginal Professional Artist Training Program is to protect and preserve Indigenous world-view and arts expressions in traditional heritage utilizing interdisciplinary works with contemporary practice. Professional Aboriginal artists are provided with mentorships and the creation space to produce exhibition ready artworks. The NAPAT program was developed to support the learning of how to "revitalize" traditional art forms into contemporary practice. It is a professional training opportunity that assists the artist to interpret traditional forms of art in today's context.

The training consists of these fundamental principles:
Research of historical cultural heritage information (Mentoring)
Land community culture context: designs, principles (Protocols)
Produce new works/cultural products that clearly revitalize a traditional arts practice (Preservation)

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