Syilx Arts, Culture & Heritage Programming

Since 1982, the Okanagan Indian Educational Resources Society (OIERS) hereinafter referred to as En'owkin Centre has been mandated to Preserve, Protect and Perpetuate the Okanagan Syilx cultural heritage, through the collection and preservation and protection of heritage materials, oral language, oral stories, narrative history, photographs, through video and audio recordings, made accessible to communities, members, schools, University and College institutions, and the wider learning public through seminars, workshops, events and exhibited information.

En'owkin Centre's work of preserving and perpetuating the Syilx Arts and Culture through its projects programs, as a result of the heritage preservation, forms the foundational aspects of its Syilx Arts and Culture mandate.

The Arts and Culture Program projects are accomplished through grants, donations from cultural funds acquired to provide free programming for Syilx traditional arts revitalization workshops available to Syilx and Indigenous artists, youth and elders.

Historical/ Current programs open to all Syilx members' families and communities.
Traditional C'aptikwl performance workshops on the land.
Revitalization Sturgeon Nose Canoe
Traditional Story Pole Carving
C'aptikwl Animation Workshops
Video Making Workshops - Of the Land Collective
Traditional Arts Materials Protocols Workshops.

Traditional Arts Workshops: Tule, Hemp, Basket Making, Rattles, Hand Drum Making, Ceremonial Wear, Flute Making, Carving, Traditional paints, Syilx style beading, Porcupine Quill work, Syilx storytelling & Performance protocols, Traditional Syilx uses and protocols of Arts Materials, Nsyilxcn Arts Transliteration.

Our media arts programming consists of video-taping and audio taping of the remaining elder fluent speakers to preserve, with their full prior informed consent, content shared with their communities and to be catalogued, transcribed and translated and housed at OIERS En'owkin Centre for access in education, cultural revitalization. Those recorded stories are community specific and include special terminology and archival information for heritage and historical preservation. Our cultural organization acts as a repository for communities to access far into the future. The collection of stories, narratives, oral knowledge and historical accounts will be transferred and catalogued for member's access and use in perpetuity.

For More information on Arts & Cultural Projects Contact:

Tracey Kim Bonneau - Manager of Arts Culture & Adult Higher Learning
Phone: (250) 493-7181 Ext. 208

Chad Eneas - Syilx Arts & Culture TEK Coordinator
Phone: (250) 493-7181 Ext. 210

We gratefully acknowledge project funds from the Government of Canada, First People's Cultural Council, Telus and Fortis BC