Certificate Indigenous Language Revitalization

Develop Language Revitalization Strategies/ Activities

A partnership program developed by the En'owkin Centre of the Okanagan Indian Educational Resources Society and the Department of Linguistics and the Division of Continuing Studies jointly at the En'owkin Centre and University of Victoria as a Spring Summer Institute in 2006. Since then the program has grown and has been offered in many communities across Canada.

This innovative and accessible program offers community co-hort coursework combined with flexible elective offerings to enable people concerned with the loss and recovery of Indigenous languages to develop both knowledge and practical strategies for revitalization activities across British Columbia and beyond. The Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization (CILR) program provides a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to develop practical strategies for local language revitalization initiatives- that are responsive and unique to each Indigenous nation. The CILR program provides hands-on learning opportunities that are rooted in traditional knowledge and practices, and that are accessible to all students. The goal of the certificate program is to develop understanding of the complex dynamics of language loss, maintenance, and recovery while also providing practical strategies for work in Indigenous communities to preserve and revitalize threatened languages.

Program Requirements: The Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization (CILR) is a part-time program that is normally completed in one to two years and individual courses or a series of courses can be delivered in partnership with Indigenous communities and organizations. For the full Certificate in Indigenous Language Revitalization there are five core courses (7.5 units) and three elective courses (4.5 units) chosen based on the community’s interest. This program is designed to honour traditional knowledge and practices, to recognize and accommodate the realities and needs of diverse communities, and to provide a foundation for both language revitalization activities and for further study in linguistics, education, and/or cultural resource management.

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