nsyilxcen Language Fluency Certificate Program nsyilxcen Language Fluency Diploma Progam

leading toward the Bachelor of Nsyilxcen Lanaguage Fluency (BNLF)

The nsyilxcen Language Fluency Certificate/Diploma programs are currently delivered virtually (on-line). We specialize in launching cohorts for your band operated department or community. Reach out to our Academic Programs Manager - Suzanne Johnson. MSc. for this exciting opportunity.

Intake for the general program is September 2022. We are currently accepting admissions for this program.

This program leads to a Bachelor of nsyilxcn Language Fluency (BNLF) created in collaboration with En'owkin Centre, Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) and University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) and is designed to work closely with the syilx community to provide a comprehensive and high-quality education in nsyilxcen - the original language spoken by members of the syilx nation. This degree will provide opportunities for syilx fluent graduates who can work in the field of education, cultural management, natural resources management, social services and cultural tourism.

YEAR 1: The nsyilxcen Language Fluency Certificate Program (NLFC) is a 10 month program September - June.

YEAR 2: The nsyilxcen Language Fluency Diploma Program (NLFD) is a 10 month program September - June.

nsyilxcen Language Fluency Certificate- Diploma Course Grid

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